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Star Ninja for XBox reviews and feedback: Pretty nice!

posted Jul 23, 2011, 2:45 PM by Eric Cosky   [ updated Jul 24, 2011, 9:49 AM ]
Star Ninja has been out just a few days now and we are happy to see that people really like the game!

There's been a number of reviews already; here are a few of our favorite quotes, with links to the full reviews:

"The biggest reason Star Ninja earns CotW [Catch of the Week] status is because it’s just fun to play"

"On top of its extensive replayability, the game also has some of the cutest character designs I’ve seen, and the voice acting is hilarious."

"Everyone wants to make the next Angry Birds.  Star Ninja is a better Angry Birds. "
- Indie Gamer Chick rated Star Ninja #3 All-Time Top 10

"Fans of this genre will enjoy the game a lot and at only 80 :MSPoints: it is a must buy."

The players are helping us out with good reviews too, which is great and is helping to keep it high on the "top rated" charts on the marketplace. If you like Star Ninja and have an XBox Live Gold account (required for reviews) please help us out by going to the marketplace page for Star Ninja and give us some stars, ideally all 5 of them because that's the only way we'll go up in the charts at this point - the competition's tough! If you are able to do that it would mean a lot for us because it really does help to be visible in the top 50 charts. It's huge, actually.

Speaking of the players, one of the greatest things about making video games is being able to talk to the you, which is why we put XBox Live contact information in Star Ninja - we wanted to make it as easy as possible for players to send us a message. While we're glad for any feedback, it's especially satisfying when they write just to tell us how much they like the game. Here's an example of the kind of messages we've been getting from them so far:

Obviously our goal is to make more fun games and the better Star Ninja does in the market, the more we can dedicate to future projects so your support is deeply appreciated. Thanks!