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Navigating the Rack

You can move your cursor around with the game pad, drums or guitar using the directional pads.
If you are using a game pad, there are a few more features available. The left stick moves the cursor like a mouse, and the right stick will "bump" the cursor to the next collection of controls in the general direction you push. Spinning the right stick will continue the bump to subsequent groups. It's a fast way to move around the rack.
Camera zoom controls are available too. The game pad zoom controls are the left and right shoulder buttons. If using a guitar, you can zoom using the selector switch.
While moving around the Atomic Sound rack, once in a while you probably want to look more closely at controls for only a brief moment. When using the game pad, you can do this by pulling the left trigger. If you happen to like being zoomed in at the moment, you can press the right bumper to lock the zoom where ever you happen to be at. This is most often useful when attaching cables.